PATIENT STORY – Steroid injections to trigger finger

Following a protracted period of using a hedge trimmer I developed very uncomfortable/ painful Trigger Finger of the middle digit of my right hand. I tried all kinds of self-help, including strapping to a splint and although it kept it from doubling up at night, the problem painfully persisted to a point I realised I would need help.

I was keen to avoid the experience of friends who had undergone quite invasive surgical treatment. Not only invasive, but a longish recovery period with an uncertain outcome.

My GP recommended Mr Misra who offered an entirely different approach, which I was keen to try. It involved only an injection into the casing of the tendon / ligament.

After a thorough consultation with him I asked Mr Misra to proceed, which he was able to do within the same consultation.

It was as simple as he said. There is a half-minute of reasonable discomfort as the injection procedure is performed. That’s it.

My recovery started within an hour. After a couple of hours I could bend the finger. By the following morning I was fully recovered.

Mr Misra has explained that, depending what use I subject my hand to, there may be a recurrence in, which case I could repeat the treatment. Only in extremis would we need to revert to invasive surgery.

Without hesitation I would recommend both Mr Misra and his treatment of this condition. Treating my hand with respect I do not expect a return visit, but if I needed to, I would not think twice about going to see Mr Misra again.

KT – Jan 2018

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