Back in 2010 when, I first damaged my nose, I didn’t think much of it. It was just something that happened, and would soon go back to the way it first looked. And even if didn’t, it wouldn’t affect me in anyway going forward so who cares. However after a few years of noticing but not really taken much notice of it, I soon began to become self-conscious.

I could take the banter I received from my friends, and would often joke about it myself, but day after day underneath all the laughter I was becoming more and more obsessed with the shape of my nose and the way it looked on my face.

It was becoming almost like an addiction and I was constantly checking almost as if I had developed OCD in regards to my face. After seeing a picture of me on a night out from the profile view, I decided enough was enough and I wanted to do something to change it.

When I first made the decision to something about my nose, I was embarrassed. Rhinoplasty or any kind of cosmetic surgery for that matter (in my mind anyway) was seen as a female thing. I was very unsure as to whether I wanted to go ahead with the surgery, but I knew in the end it was the right thing to do for me.

When I decided I was going to have the surgery, I then had to find the surgeon who was right me. After several extensive checks on the Internet, I came across Mr Misra. Everything on the Princess Margaret website suggested Mr Misra was a great surgeon and I then decided I would meet with Mr Misra for an assessment. It didn’t take long after meeting Mr Misra, that I decided he was the right man for me. He immediately put me at ease and made me feel comfortable and took me through how the procedure would work, the potential risks involved and most of all how the end results would look. I soon made a follow up appointment and decided on a date for the surgery.

The day of the surgery was a breeze. Despite a few nerves, everything that I had previously experienced with Mr Misra was doubled on the day of the procedure, and before I was put under anesthetic I was completely confident that I had made the right decision. A few hours later I awoke, to a cast on my face, but no pain and Mr Misra was once again there to ease any concerns I did have.

A month on from my surgery and it couldn’t have gone better. Although my nose is quite swollen (as Mr Misra explained would be the case) the shape and the level of comfort I feel is 10/10. I can’t thank Mr Misra enough for what he has done for me, and I can now walk confidently without that feeling in the back of mind, that people are staring at my face. I would recommend Mr Misra to anyone that was looking to undergo this surgery.

If you make it clear to Mr Misra your concerns and desires for what you require from the Rhinoplasty surgery, I can confidently say that you will a very satisfied individual.


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Plastic surgery alone cannot change your life but it can give you the confidence to make those changes for yourself.

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