PATIENT STORY – Skin cancer removed from nose

A skin lesion appeared on the side of my nose where my glasses sat. It was diagnosed as a basal cell carcinoma which was subsequently removed under the NHS. When I returned for my results I was diagnosed with a Squamous cell carcinoma.

After discussing what a Squamous cell carcinoma is and the possible consequences with Mr Misra, I decided that I would like it removed as soon as possible. I felt comfortable that he should carry out the procedure and chose to do this at his private practice at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor.

Mr Misra explained everything fully during my consultation at the Princess Margaret Hospital, which my wife and daughter also attended. He was very warm and friendly explaining the procedure details in a fashion we could understand. Mr Misra explained how he would do the surgery, what he would remove, how he would close the wound and how long it would take.

On the day of the procedure, I was met by Mr Misra and the nursing staff at the Princess Margaret Hospital. Once more it was explained to me what was going to happen. My operation took approximately 75 minutes during which I really didn’t feel any pain under the local anaesthetic.

Mr Misra spoke to me during, explaining what he was doing, I was happy to find out that a skin graft was avoided. At my final consultation I was happy to find out the procedure had been a success. During the whole experience I feel I was in totally safe hands with the treatment I received with the results achieved both clinically and cosmetically first class.

I feel that the treatment and care I received undoubtedly avoided a situation that could have developed into something more serious. The results of the cosmetic aspects are outstanding, being hardly noticeable now.

I would recommend the procedure and experience to other patients with the same concerns and would thoroughly recommend Mr Misra to anyone requiring plastic surgery.

NP – July 2017

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