About ten years ago, one of my nipples began to invert until eventually it was inverted the whole time.

I thought it looked ugly, in fact I would not let my partner see it and was embarrassed by it at my mammograms, or discussing with my GP.

The mammogram showed there was nothing untoward wrong. I was recommended Mr Misra by my GP and the whole process was comfortable for me and explained to me fully at my consultation.

I had the procedure using local anaesthetic, which was painless, at a time and place to suit me. It was a little uncomfortable in the few days after, but healed quickly and I had no problems.

The aftercare I received was thorough and the result was more than I hoped for. It matches exactly with the other one, giving me back my confidence and I no longer feel embarrassed by looking different.

I would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone thinking of having it done and Mr Misra could not have explained it more thoroughly. I am very happy with the outcome.


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Plastic surgery alone cannot change your life but it can give you the confidence to make those changes for yourself.

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