My main concern prior to having an operation was the uncertainty of the size and location of the tumor and potential complication in extracting it. The fact that most likely this was a type of tumor, which has a strong tendency of reoccurring, did not help either.

After consultation with Mr Misra, I decided to go ahead with the operation as soon as possible. Firstly, I was not prepared to wait for the tumor to grow further, as it had become more painful since its discovery. Secondly, I wanted to confirm with certainty the type of tumor and the operation was the only way to establish the facts.

Choosing Mr. Misra to perform the operation was based on his approach to me throughout the whole journey from initial discovery to final consultation prior to the operation.

Dealing with medical professionals, especially those at the top of their profession can sometimes be quite daunting to say the least as they can sometimes treat you as a medical condition rather than a human being. My experience with Mr. Misra could not be more different.

From the initial consultation onwards I was given a voice, an opportunity to be an active participant in a decision-making process. I was given as much information as possible about the diagnose itself, the benefits and potential issues with the operation itself and the recovery, so I could make an informative decision on the course of action to be taken.

I was glad to go ahead with an operation as it confirmed the type of tumor, which fortunately was one that is less ‘aggressive’ to original diagnosis. Aside small scaring, I had my hands full functionality restored after an expected recovery time.

I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone with similar experience going ahead with the procedure. It will establish a true cause and extend of the ‘problem’, which is so important for anyone facing these issues.

By following instructions post-op, recovery times can be greatly reduced and one can return to normal life much faster then anticipated.

BB – June 2017

The identity of our patients that have provided their stories has been protected for confidentiality. The images here are stock images and do not relate to the specific case

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