Time for Change

I’m not sure exactly how long I had thought about plastic surgery or even if I may be able to benefit from it? It had to have been several years, well over a decade. I subsequently learnt that this lengthy ‘thinking’ time is not unusual.

As far back as I can remember I had’ heavy’ legs. They were a cause of great concern and embarrassment to me and out of kilter with my upper body. This ‘mis-match’ as I called it persisted despite an active and healthy lifestyle. I exercised regularly and was fairly fit – cycling long distances and running marathons. No matter how much I exercised and how much I dieted -my saddle bags were not moving!

As a generally positive, hard -working mummy, I focused on the positives, kept busy and didn’t allow too negative a body image.

However, as time progressed I still thought and dreamt about the possibility of liposuction/ plastic surgery but didn’t know anyone who had undergone the procedure. I knew a couple of friends who had BA’s, but that’s not lipo!

These friends had positive experiences and were advocates of plastic surgery, wishing they hadn’t waited so long for their surgeries. This spurred me on and I began to think more seriously about surgery, and I began saving!

A fortuitous meeting then with Mr. Misra and after a few tentative questions later, confirmed my curiosity. I decided to confront my fears, be bold and book in for a consultation.

Mr. Misra’s office were pleasant, efficient and helpful finding a suitable date and time for the first consultation, and I was able to book in readily. They were reassuring and even sent a welcome reminder of my appointment at The Spire Hospital.

Naturally I felt nervous at my first consultation, but I truly needn’t have been. The staff in the clinic were kind and caring and my appointment was on time. Mr. Misra was very professional and spent time listening to my cosmetic body concerns before explaining possible surgical procedures. Mr. Misra really engaged in the consultation and I felt reassured, cared for and confident that he could successfully operate on me and importantly that he would look after me.

I left this appointment awaiting letters and costs, with a proposed further consultation in the near future. I felt very calm and strangely excited that I could actually change my body shape.

I made a second consultation appointment a few weeks later, at the Spire. Again the experience was positive and Mr. Misra spent time listening to my many concerns and answered all my questions. I never felt rushed. I felt very positive and confident that Mr. Misra was a talented surgeon with high standards and expectations of care. His attention to detail impressed me and gave me confidence. My experiences were positive and I decided to book into the Spire for surgery.

I decided to have my surgery in the winter, as I knew I had to wear compression garments afterwards. The day of surgery came and I had been adequately prepared for it. Obviously I was nervous but the Spire staff were friendly and helpful.

Mr Misra consulted pre -operatively was very reassuring. The anesthetist was lovely too. The operation went smoothly and I was discharged the following morning after a pleasant hospital stay. I had very little pain and was walking around.

The results were amazing! Despite the bruising I could see the change in my body contour and I could not believe it! In the next weeks I had a few post -op consultations with Mr. Misra who was truly caring in his concern for my welfare, aftercare and recovery. I was and remain ecstatic with my results.

I feel ‘normal’, no longer so embarrassed, and perhaps more confident, wearing clothes that I wouldn’t have dreamt of wearing before.

I’m grateful not only to my surgeon who I truly trusted but also to myself for having the confidence to undergo the procedure.

My only regret… that I wished I had had the surgery ten years ago!

JG – Jan 2016

The identity of our patients that have provided their stories has been protected for confidentiality. The images here are stock images and do not relate to the specific case

Plastic surgery alone cannot change your life but it can give you the confidence to make those changes for yourself.

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